PaviFLEX has developed a new flooring for all type of strength areas with heavy cardio and intensive use equipment, where it is needed to reduce noises, vibrations and absorb the impacts of dumbbells and weights.

Specially designed for intensive use workout areas and rooms with a heavy transit of users and heavy equipment.

Produced with a powerful virgin rubber of the highest density, it is a non marking floor, resistant and long lasting as no other. Absorbs the impacts acting as a perfect acoustic isolation material with the optimum friction coefficient for the best grip performance.

FitnessPRO has an extraordinary grip, it is flexible, comfortable and fire resistant. 

The interlocking system makes the installation as easy as just place the tiles on existing solid, clean and plain surface and puzzle interlock the tiles without any glue.

FitnessPRO can be customized with any logo, design or marking. The markings are inserted with rubber of different color, so they will never disappear when using the floor.