Rowing sitting discs

Particular features

Size:143cm x 95cm x 102cm (LxWxH)

Weight:77 kg

Warning and Safety of Use signal labels.

Main racks: Square tube of 120x120x3 mm. Oval tube of 120x50x2 mm. cold curved and round tube of 80×2.5 mm. Calibrated SAE 1008.

Security: Machines manufactured under UNE-EN 957-1, 957-2 and 957-4:2006+A1

Chest support made of high density foam rubber (150), with a thickness of 4 cm. upholstered with skay ignifugo and antibacterial. Adjustable in depth.

Seat: Height adjustable. Stainless steel.

Joints with self-oil bushing (maintenance-free)

Help lever at the start and end of the exercise.

Stainless steel disc support bars.

Neoprene grips, anti-allergic and non-slip.

Wheels for easy travel.

Painting: The metal parts pass through the degreasing and phosphating tunnel, then pass through an electrostatic paint booth and painted with polyester powder paint. Go through an oven for polymerization at 220o. Complying with ISO 14001 protocol in environmental policy.